Adopt an olive tree is a project that was born on the hills of Abruzzo from the Azienda Agricola Marco Lupi

The Attention of Man to Nature is our Prerogative!

Join the "Adopt an Olive Tree" project, become an olive grove of the new generation:

We are starting an exciting project: the remote adoption of an olive tree. Adopting an olive tree is a gesture full of symbolism and can be considered as a gift to be given to yourself or your loved ones. The first act is to give a name to the tree, as you do with a member of your family. This gesture guarantees a quantity that can vary according to the seasonal harvest from 10 to 15 liters of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a unique “blend” that has distinctive characteristics deeply linked to the territory from which it comes, the presence of the Adriatic on the one hand and the Gran Sasso on the other with in the middle of the rolling hills where our olive groves are located, characterize in particular the climate, influencing unequivocally the peculiarities of the oil.

A wooden plaque that will be affixed to your Olive tree with the desired name
10 to 15 liters/year of extra virgin olive oil BIO

The actual quantity is tied to seasonal harvest volumes;

Certificate of Adoption and Seasonal Updates of Your Olive Tree

Message of an Olive Tree

I’m an olive tree about 100 years old, and I’m very happy that they gave me this young project despite my old age! My mission is to make the youngest grow and give new life to those who have suffered climatic aggressions and to welcome new olive trees, sometimes neglected by other owners due to lack of funds. Thus allowing us to strengthen and enlarge our family, protecting our species that can become millennial if care and love are lavished. Then in exchange for a modest sum of 200 euros per year, you will participate in my mission and I will give you my best fruits and perfumes of my beloved land of Abruzzo, which transformed into pure extra virgin olive oil, will brighten your table by continuing to keep a millenary tradition alive.

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