Adopt an olive tree is a project that was born on the hills of Abruzzo from the Azienda Agricola Marco Lupi

The Attention of Man to Nature is our Prerogative!

Join the "Adopt an Olive Tree" project, become an olive grove of the new generation:

We are starting an exciting project: the remote adoption of an olive tree. Adopting an olive tree is a gesture full of symbolism and can be considered as a gift to be given to yourself or your loved ones. The first act is to give a name to the tree, as you do with a member of your family. This gesture guarantees a quantity that can vary according to the seasonal harvest from 10 to 15 liters of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a unique “blend” that has distinctive characteristics deeply linked to the territory from which it comes, the presence of the Adriatic on the one hand and the Gran Sasso on the other with in the middle of the rolling hills where our olive groves are located, characterize in particular the climate, influencing unequivocally the peculiarities of the oil.

A wooden plaque that will be affixed to your Olive tree with the desired name
10 to 15 liters/year of extra virgin olive oil BIO

The actual quantity is tied to seasonal harvest volumes;

Certificate of Adoption and Seasonal Updates of Your Olive Tree

About us...

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Indispensable: this is how Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered in Mediterranean cuisine. That of oil is a vast field of knowledge, as well as flavors. A drizzle of quality Extra Virgin Oil on a slice of bread can already be considered a delicious dish. Every bottle is an expression of its territory of origin, of the nature from which it was born and of the culture of who produces it, and the range of olfactory and gustative nuances of a quality oil well reflects these complexities. This is where our blends come from, a mix of distinctive and unequivocal flavours and aromas, where for everyone there is a more suitable area of use. Finding the most successful matches also depends on our taste and our creativity…what is your favorite? The choice is yours!

Delicato ExtraVirgin Organic Oil

Blend of autochthonous cultivars Leccino 75%, Dritta and Frantoio 25%. It has a golden yellow color with green reflections and a soft and light taste, with the scent of tomato leaf with notes of fresh almond. It is an oil that goes well with all the foods of the Mediterranean cuisine, especially with fresh fish and white meat.

Intenso ExtraVirgin Organic Oil

Blend of native cultivars Leccino 50%, Carboncella and Tortiglione 50%. It has a green color with golden reflections, is characterized by good fruity with hints of artichoke and fresh grass, the taste is slightly bitter with a spicy finish without being too invasive. Oil for fine palates goes well with dishes with a stronger flavor.

ExtraVirgin Olive Oil Lemon Dress

Oil obtained by working together autochthonous olives with organic lemon zest of Sorrento, without the addition of aromas. It has a golden yellow color, its peculiarity is a fruity and fresh aroma with a pleasant hint of lemon. It can be used both in the preparation of savory or sweet dishes giving a touch of personality with minimal effort.