Tradition & Innovation

The tradition of the Lupi family in the agricultural sector began at the dawn of 800 when the ancestors of Marco Lupi were dedicated to the production and trade of products grown on the gentle slopes of the hills of Abruzzo between the sea and the mountains.
Tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation until the present day. Starting with a series of agricultural products in general, the company went gradually specializing in the cultivation and processing of olive oil.
The innovation pursued, remaining true to tradition, led the company to create in 2019 a parallel company and dedicated exclusively to the export of products to better follow and support customers, without wasting the energies of the parent company dedicated to the perennial improvement of its products. Passion, experience and training have meant that today the same manages about 25,000 olive trees and produces one of the best oils in the territory. The quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil depends on the characteristics of the olives, the method of extraction and a proper conservation. For this reason, all the phases of the oil production chain follow precise disciplinary. Few companies manage to guarantee the consumer an authentic and traceable supply chain product. L’ Azienda Agricola Marco Lupi is one of these.

"Non soltanto il vino canta,
anche l’olio canta,
vive in noi con la sua luce matura
e tra i beni della terra
io seleziono,
olio, la tua inesauribile pace,
la tua essenza verde,
il tuo ricolmo tesoro che discende
dalle sorgenti dell’ulivo."

Pablo Neruda

Supply chain & Sustainability

Its olive groves produce different varieties of olives such as Leccino, Frantoio, Carboncella, Tortiglione, Dritta etc. ; they are cared for and cultivated according to ancient traditions and fertilized with exclusively natural products; it is superfluous to underline that they are all certified ORGANIC; the harvest is done by hand avoiding premature crushing that would inevitably alter the product;  the processing process starts from the visual selection of the olives which must be healthy and intact, this process takes place within 12 hours of harvesting, they are carefully cleaned to separate the fruits from any impurities, immersed in running drinking water to further clean the skin; The extraction of the oil is obtained with the use of new technologies that respect the ancient traditions of the cold pressing emphasizing the quality of the final product as well as the hygienic, reducing the risks of incorrect processing that would inevitably fall on the product itself by making it lose part of its nutritional and organoleptic qualities; the production chain continues with the crude oil that, is placed in vertical axis centrifugal separators where the oil is permanently separated from the vegetation water residues. The oil thus obtained is preserved in stainless steel barrels where an inert gas is added: nitrogen, it does not affect the product in the slightest but significantly reduces the oxygen in the container, oxygen that as we know is the primary cause of the oxidation process that particularly attacks all those products rich in unsaturated fats as in the case of extra virgin olive oil; also protects it from thermal changes that cause a faster dissolution of oxygen in the oil resulting in premature rancidity; The process ends with bottling after a period of decantation of the product and a constant control of the organoleptic and physical/chemical characteristics of the same.

"Olio con sapiente arte spremuto
Dal puro frutto degli annosi olivi,
Che cantan pace! in lor linguaggio muto
Degli umbri colli pei solenti clivi,
Chiaro assai più liquido cristallo,
Fragrante quale oriental unguento,
Puro come la fè che nel metallo
Concavo t’arde sull’altar d’argento,
Le tue rare virtù non furo ignote
Alle mense d’Orazio e di Varrone
Che non sdegnàr cantarti in loro note…"

Gabriele D'Annunzio

Between Sea & Mountain

The peculiarity of the extra virgin olive oil of Azienda Agricola Lupi as well as being characterized by the variety of cultivars is supported by the microclimate and the composition of the territory on which it insists; it is located at Controguerra “City of Oil” in the hills at an altitude of about 350 m a.s.l. between sea and mountain, it is between 800/1000 m from the sea and 3000/4000 m from the peaks of Gran Sasso d’Abruzzo benefiting from this climate sometimes dry sometimes brackish that gives unique peculiarities to the product. Everything else is done, as we have seen, by the loving and professional commitment to bring to your tables one of the best products of Italian excellence.

"Qui ci sono dei campi bellissimi con ulivi dalle foglie grigio argento, come salici cimati. Non mi stanco mai del cielo azzurro. Com'era bello starsene seduti sotto gli ulivi, appagati e felici di essere insieme in quella specie di paradiso terrestre.."

Vincent Van Gogh

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